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4 Secrets to Building Brand Community From Lost Queens

A powerful brand with an authentic voice incites a connection with an audience. But nothing can be sustained on connection alone. Community—when that initial point of contact transitions to a lasting relationship—is the natural extension of great branding. That’s the major lesson of my…

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#NowWorking on The Trials of Spring

In the Fall of 2014, MediaStorm embarked on an exciting collaboration with Peace Is Loud and Fork Films for The Trials of Spring, a multimedia initiative to amplify the stories of women activists on the frontline of the uprisings sweeping the Middle East and North Africa. As MediaStorm’s…

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Lessons Learned: Extending Film Narratives Online with MediaStorm

When I started my tenure as MediaStorm‘s Operations and Social Media Manager in 2013, I was tasked with a mission: evaluate and recharge the company’s approach to social media. Infusing communications strategy in the way the film and interactive design studio did business online required taking inventory of how…