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Content Strategy #ProTip: Be a Tease

We’re living in the sharing economy, but you don’t have to give everything away. For a small film company, video content pays the bills. It’s just not financially viable (or fair to creators) to give content away in the name of generating buzz. On top of that, client…

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4 Secrets to Building Brand Community From Lost Queens

A powerful brand with an authentic voice incites a connection with an audience. But nothing can be sustained on connection alone. Community—when that initial point of contact transitions to a lasting relationship—is the natural extension of great branding. That’s the major lesson of my…

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#NowWorking on The Trials of Spring

In the Fall of 2014, MediaStorm embarked on an exciting collaboration with Peace Is Loud and Fork Films for The Trials of Spring, a multimedia initiative to amplify the stories of women activists on the frontline of the uprisings sweeping the Middle East and North Africa. As MediaStorm’s…

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[MEDIASTORM] 6 Ideas to Energize Your Social Media Content

The last time I wrote about social media, I made the case for storytellers and content creators to listen before they do any brand promotion online. Observing your online network should’ve given you some insight into what topics interest your neck of the digital…

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[MADAME NOIRE] Music Video Or Commercial? Artists Blur The Line

India.Arie has a reputation for being obvious with her Mother Earth persona. Now she’s making her love for cocoa butter clear. It’s not just that the lead single off her new album “SongVersation” is called “Cocoa Butter.” She’s also partnered up with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula for the…