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Content Strategy #ProTip: Be a Tease

We’re living in the sharing economy, but you don’t have to give everything away. For a small film company, video content pays the bills. It’s just not financially viable (or fair to creators) to give content away in the name of generating buzz. On top of that, client…

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Don’t Create What You Don’t Love

Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah (acclaimed writer and reigning Supreme of cultural storytelling) stormed through Another Round with a simple quote from Patti Smith, “You don’t need to write about things you don’t love.” (Side note: If you don’t follow this podcast already, take a moment to…

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4 Secrets to Building Brand Community From Lost Queens

A powerful brand with an authentic voice incites a connection with an audience. But nothing can be sustained on connection alone. Community—when that initial point of contact transitions to a lasting relationship—is the natural extension of great branding. That’s the major lesson of my…

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Get There First

In her Skillshare course, Documentary Photography: Capturing Places and People, photojournalist Ami Vitale drops a gem anyone can apply to their work: get there first. The strategy works out like this: You get to a location early in the morning. The scene is still…

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A Good Day to Be Black, Sexy and Challenge Linear Narratives

Every moment in time, no matter how brief, serves as the setting for billions of experiences playing out around the world. Every individual has conflicting storylines from their conscious and subconscious battling every second of the day. Yet we’re obsessed with telling and consuming stories that deal with…