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Content Strategy #ProTip: Be a Tease

We’re living in the sharing economy, but you don’t have to give everything away.

For a small film company, video content pays the bills. It’s just not financially viable (or fair to creators) to give content away in the name of generating buzz. On top of that, client deadlines on commissioned work can make it difficult for editors to find time to develop free content to raise their profile on YouTube where new audiences can discover their work. It’s a catch-22 I discovered while working at such a company a few years ago: How do you entice people to follow your work, without giving it all away? You give them just a taste.

The company routinely uploaded trailers of their films to YouTube, but we needed something special to draw people in. So, I turned my attention to our our archive. I knew tutorials performed well on YouTube and the company had online training videos behind a paywall that college professors raved about.

I found the razor tool in Premiere Pro, and got to work creating snippets of lessons from the company’s catalogue. Then, I took to social media and let our followers know about the value headed to our YouTube channel.

The video content may have been repurposed, but it was fresh for those unfamiliar with the online training product. Releasing the teasers as a series allowed us to promote our YouTube channel for a month without feeling spammy – we were offering real value in exchange for hitting the subscribe button – and drive traffic to the company’s online store. In the end, new monthly subscriptions jumped 10 times their normal amount during “Audio April.”

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