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So You Wanna Start a Podcast: 5 Storytelling Tips for Audiophiles

This August I joined the Joblogues team as a podcast c0-host. The gig is a weekly podcast, hosted along with the site’s founder and my longtime friend Joymarie. Together we highlight candid career conversations with millennial professionals about work, life and everything in between. Right away, I recognized this as an amazing opportunity to tell stories of hustle, passion and drive in a new way. Four months and seven episodes later, I’ve learned that some storytelling principles rule no matter the medium. 

  1. Research

    I use the same research process I apply to writing profiles on entrepreneurs to prepare for interviews on Joblogues. You may think you can just let a conversation play out naturally and let your curiosity lead the way, but trust me, it doesn’t sound that great. Make sure your audience and interview subject get the highest value in return for the time they devote to you. Prepare. Know the person, the space they operate in, and what you want the key takeaways from your time together to be.

  2. Let it Flow

    There’s a sweet spot between preparation and improvisation that Joymarie and I are still working out. A spur of the moment conversation doesn’t sound great, but neither does a conversation that feels stilted. As of now, we create a rough outline that guides the conversation. A bulleted list of topics is easier to skim during the interview than wordy questions. We also leave room for surprises. If a guest casually mentions something amazing, don’t avoid detouring from agenda to explore it further.

  3. Dig Deeper

    It’s easy for a topic like career development to feel dry. For Joblogues to be a good time, we work hard to dig deeper to what makes a topic interesting. A shortcut is to think about what the story is. Online personal branding is a topic. Should your social media presence impact your chances of getting a job is a story with emotions attached to it. When digging deeper, try to be as specific as possible and think about how the topic ties back to your show’s mission.

  4. Create a Content Ecosystem

    One of my favorite trends in the digital space is content creators disrupting what platforms should be used for. It used be that a website or blog was automatically your home base online. Now platforms like Instagram and e-mail newsletters, once regulated to being brand outposts, are taking center stage. For us, the podcast is Joblogues’ home. But we don’t stay there. Our home is a hub that feeds content to a blog, weekly newsletter, and social media platforms. In this way we extend the dialogue to wherever our potential audience happens to be.

  5. Get Organized

    Creative work should always be supported by good old-fashioned left brain structure. For Joblogues, that means spreadsheets on spreadsheets on spreadsheets on spreadsheets. Never lose track of a great guest or segment idea. Write. It. Down.

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