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Lessons Learned: Extending Film Narratives Online with MediaStorm

When I started my tenure as MediaStorm‘s Operations and Social Media Manager in 2013, I was tasked with a mission: evaluate and recharge the company’s approach to social media. Infusing communications strategy in the way the film and interactive design studio did business online required taking inventory of how we connected with our audiences, articulating the needs of client groups and identifying what we wanted to accomplish on social platforms.  The result is a social media strategy that makes others take notice with engaging content that is imbued with the essence of MediaStorm’s storytelling ethos.

Below you’ll find one of my presentations for MediaStorm’s Methodology Workshop where I review lessons we’ve learned in the social media space. The week-long educational experience is a great opportunity for creatives and business leaders alike to revitalize their approach to storytelling. Apply for the next workshop online.

Key takeaways:

  • Identify who you’re talking to online and what they look to you for. Every piece of content you share should speak to one or all of those needs.
  • Social media operates by the same rules as offline communication. No one wants to interact with someone who only talks about themselves. Share entertaining and informative content that adds value to your followers’ lives.
  • Extend a film’s story online by repurposing footage that doesn’t make the final cut as online exclusives or release follow ups on your film’s subjects after the film’s launch.
  • Curation is a powerful tool that does more than attract new followers. It can also build your creative network. Spotlight the work of others and they may do the same for you.
  • Every social media outpost is a reflection of your brand. Customize each platform with a consistent tone and visual identity.

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