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[MADAME NOIRE] – [SLIDESHOW] Pitch Perfect: 9 Ways to Sell Yourself And Your Ideas

Anyone can come up with a good idea. But, selling that idea is what stands between most people and success. A pitch is a short presentation of your idea. It could be a 10-minute presentation along with audio/visual assistance in front of a crowd. Or a two-minute fast-talking sell in an elevator.

Whether you’re selling yourself to an employer for your dream job, or wooing investors for your startup idea, it’s important you know how to convince your audience to believe in your product. Again, having a good idea is not enough. We live in a competitive world. If you can’t communicate your idea (or who you are) and its value to your audience, you might as well have not thought of it at all.

Daniel Pink, author of five best-selling books about changing the world of work, identifies six new pitches for the 21st century in his book To Sell is Human. Think of pitching as an intriguing invitation to have a conversation. We profile the six pitches here and look at ways to prepare for the big sell once you have your audience’s attention.

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