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From Radio to Real Estate: Egypt Sherrod Talks to MN About Taking On Atlanta

p>Egypt Sherrod’s voice has become a staple in urban radio. The award-winning broadcaster has hosted shows in top media markets like New York’s 105.1, 100.3 The Beat in Philadelphia, 92Q in Baltimore, and now V103 in Atlanta, in addition to serving as a pop culture pundit on television shows like Access Hollywood. But, you may be surprised to discover her empire includes a successful career in real estate and a charity helping families in her new hometown.

Despite her success in New York City, Egypt felt a pull to relocate from the bustling metropolis to a city with a style all it’s own, Atlanta. The move allowed her to grow her brand to reflect her many passions in life. In addition to taking over hosting duties for HGTV’s Property Virgins, she launched her charity, Egypt Cares Family Foundation.

I caught up with Egypt to discuss how she is navigating the changes in her life, and the variety of ways she promotes her special brand of female and financial empowerment.

MadameNoire: You recently relocated to Atlanta. How did the move impact your career?

Egypt: The move to Atlanta marked the opening of a new chapter in my career. My 12 years on New York radio and television were great for me but I felt like I needed to GO so I could continue to GROW. Atlanta is a different city with a pulse of its own and I was just ready to see new people, places and things. So, currently I’m on V103 in Atlanta & filming season 10 of Property Virgins here.

Madame Noire: How did the opportunity to do Property Virgins come about? How does it complement your brand?

Egypt Sherrod: I’ve always been an HGTV fanatic. As a licensed real estate agent and someone who genuinely has a passion for the industry, I was truly drawn to watching Property Virgins even with its former host. So imagine my surprise when a casting director contacted me because he remembered me from a previous audition and thought that with my real estate expertise I would be a perfect match as the new host of Property Virgins.

MN: When did you become a licensed realtor? What made you want to get involved in that industry?

ES: I’ve been licensed for about eight years. I started out as a real estate investor in my 20’s flipping properties for profit. Then I got wise to the game and figured out if I could become a licensed agent I could keep that commission in my pocket. I got bit by the real estate bug in the process.

MN: Are you an active realtor? How do you juggle running your own business in the midst of everything else you have going on?

ES: Yes my license is active, and my real estate business partner and I still do a number of deals annually. In addition to being involved in residential transactions as part of a successful real estate team doing direct deals, because I speak to millions of viewers nationwide each week by way of my show, we also refer out quite a bit of business to a network of agents across the country. There aren’t enough hours in a day, but by having a great partner and an awesome support staff, we make it work!

For some people the definition of success is attaining a lot of material things. For others it’s fame or fortune. For me, success means being fulfilled and leading a balanced life. I feel that I have truly been blessed in all areas of my life and the only true thing to do is to give back. I compare it to tithing, but I’m tithing of my time, spirit and knowledge.

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