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[MADAME NOIRE] Eunice Kindred, Mixing Art & Business On Her Own Terms

People love to add slashes to their titles, conveying they are double and triple threats. Nowadays it can get a little gratuitous, reflecting ego more than experience. That’s not the case with Eunice Kindred. She’s a true renaissance woman bringing her love for art, music, and dance into her creative expression. She’s an artist, a DJ, a choreographer, and a dance instructor, on top of holding down a full-time position as an art director for a major advertising agency in New York City.

That may sound like a heavy load. But Kindred finds every aspect of her life enriches another. “It’s good to have all these influences because I never know what I can pull from to come up with an idea,” she says. “Being involved with so many different things gives me a richer background to pull from… Managing all of it can be a challenge, but I do what I love.

Raising And Rebuilding An Artist

Kindred has been a multifaceted creative for as long as she can remember. Blame her father’s boom box blasting in the delivery room. When people outside of her family expressed concern that little Eunice should focus on one thing, her parents always encouraged her to pursue what she loved, whatever it was.

She found appreciation for her paintings early on, selling pieces for over $1000 as a high school student before attending Harvard University’s Visual and Environmental Studies program. After college she pursued graphic design professionally, only recently deciding to dive back into the art world. But New York galleries weren’t so anxious to welcome her into the fold.

“They saw me as a new artist when in reality I’ve been painting for so many years,” she said. “It was kind of like starting from scratch, but it was humbling to have to know all the stuff I had to change to be successful. Finding galleries to accept my work and even the process of pitching [my work] was new to me.”

Campaigns, Hurricanes, Music, and Paintbrushes

What’s a girl to do when she wants to jump start her art career, and the establishment isn’t on board? Kindred turned to, a crowdsourcing site used to fund everything from motion pictures to charity projects. She billed her exhibit, Soundtracks: Freestyle Part I, as her re-coming out as an artist. She built a network of 130 supporters that gave her the push she needed to make her first art exhibit in five years happen on her own terms.

Eunice Kindred, all smiles surrounded by her work.

“Once you put a end goal with a date and time it forces you to make it happen,” Kindred said. “It’s like when you tell all your friends you’re going to do something it forces you to do it. Once it was funded, it was like, okay now I really have to make this happen. And now that the show’s happened I still have all these backers that supported me that I can reach out to.”

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